Execution Architects is a digital transformation company started by Lafayette Howell in 2006.  The company has evolved with a focus on doing purposeful, relevant and high-impact work.  With 25 years of diverse industry experience, of which eight years working in global consulting firms KPMG and Cap Gemini and working at various global companies.  Over the years, I had the good fortune to live and absorb different ways of working and learning in cities like Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego and now Houston while also traveling globally.  Along the way, I learned the power of multi-disciplinary teams, and less is more for most clients that want the best return on investment from professional services companies.  Below are global corporations and organizations for which I have served or advised:

Our focus is not to do or be everything for customers.  Rather, we aim to assist customers critically think through, creatively imagine, design and innovate new digital futures and do so rapidly.  If we can help inspire the next Uber, or AirBnB that would be awesome. However, more pragmatically, we aim to help companies, non-profits, and public sector organizations gain clarity on how to develop new business models and innovation processes to attract more customers, optimize core processes and create wonderful experiences, while doing so cost effectively. The video sums it up nicely!  #newdigitalfuture

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