My post is about accelerating your personal growth, self-confidence and courage to execute at higher levels of performance in 2017, and is intended for my colleagues and friends across the globe who are taking on new roles or trying to figure out things dangling from last year. 

Here's my story: I was faced with the prospect of losing $40 to my golf playing partner or winning $20.  While not much money, I was ahead by three strokes on a challenging par five finishing hole.  I messed up my fairway bunker shot because of my poor drive and was forced to lay up from a bad spot.  

Now, facing my 4th shot, which was 180 yards, with the ball above my feet into a stiff breeze with a bunker guarding the green against an elevated view (Wildcat on Lakes Course #18).  At this point, my playing partner could reach the green in regulation on his third shot.  I began to calculate all the scenarios and potential adverse outcomes.  My heart started to race even more.  I then stepped back and recalled my practice and said to myself, "make a full turn and release the club."  While choking down slightly on my 4-iron, I began my take away; I felt comfortable in my mechanics despite the awkward stance and I watched the club contact the ball.  As I raised up, the ball pierced through the brisk wind with a favorable right to left draw landing 12 feet from the hole.  I pulled it off under pressure!

I sealed the victory and bragging rights in a clutch moment.  I went on to two-putt for bogey and a two-stroke win.  My buddy is from Philadelphia and headed back this morning (Sunday).  We have a ritual in which the loser must sign and date the money.

How daring will you be in 2017?  How much time do you spend preparing and being ready for unforeseen hiccups with your digital transformation and cyber programs?  Are you acquiring new capabilities and applying to real-life events at work?  Alternatively, are you only using the same tactics and thinking that were successful 20-25 years ago, in your new role by relying on your "years of experience" or trying new ways of working?  Are you playing offense or are you playing defense?  It is okay not to know where to start, but it is not good to stay in place by avoiding uncomfortable situations and try--whatever that looks like for you.  I have had the opportunity to face extreme discomfort and try new approaches that accelerate outcomes with clients, achieve crisper executive alignment and apply new tools that bring together and organize cross-functional stakeholders.  We all have great stories to tell, and it would be great hear yours!  Follow me on Twitter @uberconsultant