How we deliver services is based solidly on "design thinking".  It is both analytically rigorous and wildly creative in solving "wicked business problems".  The value of design thinking is the ability to move from idea to implementing in a compressed period.  Therefore, the value for customers is the result of immediate and continuous learning of what works and what may not in a matter of weeks or months rather than protracted over years.  

As a digital transformation company, we operate our business 100% in the cloud.  Working across the cloud reduces friction and optimizes value for our customers.  When we are not hanging out in the cloud to communicate and collaborate, you will likely find us using lots of Post-It Notes, napkins, journey mapping, spreadsheets or in-person conversations with customers at the whiteboard or over lunch.  

We use a variety of tools developed by global experts, and always on the lookout for the latest new method or tool to do even more. The benefit to our customers is working more efficiently, gaining deeper understanding or expanding perspectives to achieve greater value and deeper insight. Below are services to help achieve new digital futures that can deliver sustainable value. #newdigitalfuture

Services lineup

  1. Digital Maturity Assessment: determine a customer's internal capacity and overall readiness to transform their ways of working.
  2. Business Model Analysis: examine a customer's capacity to devise and its ability to generate new streams of revenue using the business model generation tools.
  3. Value Proposition Analysis: explore the clarity and quality of client's offerings or services to determine how well they resonate with customers and if the offering has a strong value proposition.
  4. Digital Technology Road Map: coordinate cross-functional teams to determine the priority of digital capabilities such as business analytics, cloud, internal processes, customer experiences and the appetite to absorb the changes from a new digital future. 
  5. Content Design and Effectiveness: explore the effectiveness of customer communications internally or externally, the structure, style and mediums applied and how these are coordinated and viewed by potential customers.
  6. Digital Program Management: manage end-to-end delivery of your digital transformation to realize the most relevant outcomes that drive value.  We manage external vendors, coordinate internal staff and align to reduce risks using agile methods.
  7. Digital Systems Selection Project: evaluate technology options based on customer requirements that will "move the needle" to achieving the outcomes sought by the customer.  
  8. Design Thinking Workshops: emphasis is solving "wicked" problem your organization or business unit is facing.  We apply design thinking process and tools (shown in graphic above) to untangle complexity that leads to breakthroughs.
  9. Digital Transformation Change Management:  dive deep into the cultural fabric to unpack "organizational baggage" that allows teams to embrace change and delivery on the "big opportunity" in front of them.  We have fused the 8-Step Process for Leading Change and work within the context of other frameworks such as ADKAR, McKinsey 7S based on the unique situation of each customer.  
  10. Digital Security & Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation Plan:  identifying serious cyber security threats so they can be stopped or rapidly addressed before a small incident becomes a serious one is at the top of the list of action items for Boards and executive leaders.  We have a relationship with a premier digital security and threat reduction company that brings unparalleled experience and results.

We have a strong group of technical partners and we continue to be on the lookout for firms who bring deep expertise to accelerate the success our customers hope to achieve.