“increasing STUDENT enrollment with texting campaign”

We applied a data-driven approach that revealed dropouts want to return to school but were ashamed.  We implemented a TXT "COMEBACK" campaign that allowed students to get 1 on 1 support and directed to best solution for the student.  Resulted in 35% increase in revenue for the school district.

students graduating.jpg

“$2 billion in runaway spending”

This was the situation following the Horizon oil spill. Through a technology based integration we managed a diverse team of contractors and staff across five regions in the gulf coast. The project increased visibility of spend, reduced duplicate payments and improved workflow, which resulted in greater accountability and capital stewardship.


A global energy company with an infrastructure budget over $400 million dollars found it difficult engaging with business consumers who pushed back on paying for services.  We provided individual coaching and team workshops to develop "Twitter-sized" value propositions in business language, and developed compelling content designs and story presentations that synthesized complex technical details for non-technical audiences.

“global mobile development”

Initiated, designed, managed and self-taught mobile application and site development in early stages of mobile design in 2008. Contracted global team of resources from Belarus, India and Brazil for development and creative work.  We developed a minimal viable product of site to prototype with work cancelled due to funding shortage.

“10-year digital ROAD MAP 90% implemented”

How do you allocate the technology portion $250 million dollars effectively? We answered this question using a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to devise a 10-year digital road-map for 60,000 student community college.  90 percent of recommendations were implemented by the incoming CIO.  The college now has a presence in Doha Qatar, student satisfaction increased, by eliminating friction in core processes through digital automation.


$1 billion dollar not for profit healthcare company was facing massive penalty to achieve ICD-10 compliance with fall 2015 deadline. Project was eight months behind with 3,000 PCs sitting on the loading dock; we mobilized cross-functional group, developed detailed schedule, issued reporting and resolution combined with twice-daily stand up meetings. The result was cost avoidance of $12.9 in penalties, and avoidance of additional Microsoft license charges.


Managed and led standing up a digital infrastructure to launch a $2.2 billion REIT and listing on NASD for global real estate development firm.  While project was delayed over 6+ months, we accelerated design, integration and deployment of sales, expense management, and reporting to cloud-based platform. First year sales approached just under $1 billion and the fund has now surpassed the original offering goal.


Worked with Silicon Valley start-up developing the first generation of location-based services.  The goal was to develop pervasive awareness of one's location and offer services and suggestions. Our work was informative, but the infrastructure and technical sophistication was 10 years ahead of schedule.